We are Blue Bus Creative.

If you are in need of creative services, web design, marketing help or just need a good cup of coffee, we'd love to chat.

Who we are.

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We specialize in websites but our design services are second to none.


Do you not have the time or the staff plan strategically? We do!


We are Wordpress pros. Heck, we were customizing and designing custom themes before Wordpress was even cool.


Do you have a marketing plan? If not, you need one and we can help create one for you.

How we work.


Initial Meeting.
Before we even get started with your project, it's important for us to understand your company,your culture and where you want to take go.


Estimates are Good.
Now that we have a good grasp of your goals and the scope of the project, we'll give you an estimate based on the framework we've built together. It's important that we're clear up front so that everyone's expectation are met.


Let's Roll
Once we've received the initial payment, we'll get started on your project. We'll be in good communication along the way with meetings to make sure we are on track at specific milestones. Then we ride off into the sunset together and we live happily ever after.